Monday, October 20, 2014

Media Fast Blog

Going into this media fast I knew it would be difficult, but i didn't anticipate just how difficult until I remembered we have three TV screens in our living room. For a while I stuck to my room, trying just to read and draw, but I ended up needing human contact so I hung out in the living room and tried not to face the TVs. It was also really strange not being able to text anyone - I would respond to messages from family or from people I was working with, but besides that, I didn't contact anyone. That was honestly the worst part, as I'm used to being connected to my friends at all times. However, the fact that I couldn't play games inspired me to actually leave the house and drink on the weekend, so I guess that's a win? 
The other worst part was not being able to use my laptop when I was trying to go to sleep - I like listening to podcasts to help me sleep, but without it, I had to relax on my own, which proved to be somewhat difficult. That wasn't the end of the world though, and not having my laptop around allowed me to start falling asleep earlier, so it made up for the time lost trying to get to sleep in the first place. Overall I guess I got a lot of drawing done and I left the house (we had a bonfire one night too!) over the weekend, so I'll say it was a successful 72 hours. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Transcription Post!

Very strange, artsy film - it flowed really well with the music in ways that felt random, yet coherent - the colors and b/w were used to great effect to bolster the music when it got strong, but also cool down the tone when the music was soft. For seem reason it made me think of cell division and DNA replication. The most intriguing part to me was the straight white lines - they seemed like beams of light, but I'm assuming that they were painted. So I'm curious as to how it was made. Lots of it was just painting on the film strip, in varying degrees of watercolor vs. more acrylic(?) paint. Again the choice of colors was neat, featuring mostly reds to keep the energy up - at times it looked like lava and I'm now sure who they did that. Was this music pre-made or written for this?